Friday, June 23, 2017

San Diego Public Library Reads by Design for Summer 2017

As president and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA, Inc., founder Bharat Lall directs operations of a portfolio of nine Sunbelt properties. He is also a devoted philanthropist in his own San Diego community and beyond. Thanks to Bharat Lall and other donors, the San Diego Public Library is better able to offer programs and services that enrich the lives of its patrons. 

In June 2017, SDPL kicked off the newest incarnation of its beloved summer reading program. As the problem of “summer slide”--the drop in children’s reading skills that can occur over summer break--becomes more widely known, public libraries and their communities are dedicating more resources to making reading and learning a fun part of vacation for the entire family.

This year’s SDPL summer reading theme is “Reading by Design.” Everyone, from babies to adults, is invited to participate, enjoy summer programs at the library, and collect prizes. Program finishers are invited to visit their local branch to receive age-specific prizes that include complimentary passes to the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Air and Space Museum in historic Balboa Park.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Five Tips for Success in the Hospitality Industry

Pinnacle Hotels USA president and CEO Bharat Lall oversees the management of eight hotels, including multiple formerly underperforming properties with valuable potential. Bharat Lall leads the company with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Success in the hospitality industry requires a combination of best customer practices and technical knowledge. The following list details some tips for success. 

1. Make guest relations a priority. Guest services and satisfaction are at the center of the hospitality industry. Improving guest relations and providing your guests with positive experiences can increase your reputation and make guests more likely to return to your business. Successful guest relations means hiring friendly staff, being attentive to customer needs, and resolving problems quickly. 

2. Know your customers. No two customers are alike, and their specific needs may vary depending on their choice of hotel and their reasons for traveling. For example, a customer who selects a beachside resort while on vacation will express different expectations than one staying at a conventional hotel near an airport while on business travel. Try to tailor your services to the kind of guests your business normally serves.

3. Promote a positive work environment. To maintain the friendly and attentive team necessary for a positive guest experience, you must treat employees with fairness and respect. You can cultivate a good work environment by giving compliments, remembering birthdays and personal details, and hosting staff parties. 

4. Maintain good financials. Financials may pose a challenge to success in the hospitality industry without effective money management practices. Money management is especially important during the start-up phase, so make sure you begin setting aside funds early on if just starting out. 

5. Cultivate a comprehensive industry knowledge. A thorough knowledge of the hospitality industry will help you make effective business decisions and provide you with a framework for what to look for in industry trends.

Monday, June 12, 2017

KIVA’s Impact Around the World

The CEO and president of Pinnacle Hotels USA, Bharat Lall, MD, oversees a team of more than 550 people in his efforts to provide quality hotel experiences to consumers. Beyond his work, Dr. Bharat Lall supports several charitable organizations, including KIVA, a nonprofit that encourages people from all over the world to lend money via crowdfunding for use by entrepreneurs in developing countries. 

Since its formation in 2005, KIVA has had a demonstrable effect on entrepreneurship in its areas of operation, which include over 80 countries throughout Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Over 12 years, supporters have loaned $979 million to 2.4 million borrowers via the KIVA platform. In total, KIVA has been able to provide funds to over 229,000 people in conflict zones throughout the world, in addition to supporting the efforts of almost 580,000 farmers and 800,000 borrowers in less developed nations.

KIVA places a particular focus on supporting female entrepreneurs, who may have difficulty attracting funding for their ventures. In total, 83 percent of KIVA borrowers are female.